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Affiliate Marketing Basics

We can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere so if you are looking to learn the basics then look no further.
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Tracking Sales Online

To find out more about how sales are tracked online read our handy guide.
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Affiliate Marketing Basics

We understand the need for different types of affiliate network depending on the market you are in and your overall strategy for an affiliate programme. As well as Affiliate Marketing we also offer two other specialist networks which may suit your needs. Look at each of the networks below and feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be able to choose the right network for you.

Affiliate Marketing in recent years has become an integral part of most companies' online marketing mix. Most brand leaders are running affiliate programmes and finding that this is a precious resource of web traffic and is accounting for a higher percentage of overall online sales year on year.

The basic model of affiliate marketing is very simple. A network of website owners (affiliates), are sourced for a company wishing to increase its online traffic (the Merchant). These affiliates will work hard to generate traffic and refer it to the Merchants website. In return they will receive a commission for a desired action taken by each referral; such as a click, application or sale.

Affiliates are highly skilled in generating traffic and will generate it from a number of areas such as:

  • Pay per click search traffic
  • Natural search traffic
  • Links to other websites
  • Own organic website traffic
  • Advertising
  • White labelling
  • And much more

Affiliates can reach niche areas which the Merchant would not have had access to normally and therefore affiliate marketing increases the reach across the Internet and it a precious source of high quality leads for the Merchant.