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Affiliate Marketing Basics

We can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere so if you are looking to learn the basics then look no further.
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Tracking Sales Online

To find out more about how sales are tracked online read our handy guide.
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Through our past experience of working closely with media agencies we know where we fit into your online mix. That space is to support you in delivering to your clients' expectations. We create bespoke programs and ensure your clients' brands will be monitored and protected.

As there is increasing pressure from clients on agencies to deliver campaigns which deliver sales, agencies need an affiliate marketing agency which doesn't just blow hot air. We'll work closely with you to develop your clients affiliate campaign and start delivering sales volumes which will exceed expectations and add the right sales uplift which your clients are looking for.

Through our past relationships confidentiality is a must and you can be assured that your clients sales results are only accessed by yourself and Affiliate Marketing (we will also provide access for your clients when necessary). We are as flexible as you need us to be, the client relationship is yours and we will work with you in developing the relationship which best suits your clients' needs.

Key Points

Working with us as an agency means that you get:

  • The most measurable form of online sales and marketing devised to date
  • The ability to control your Clients brand
  • Achieving a constant Cost Per Acquisition month in month out
  • Targeted web traffic which is looking to buy what your Client is selling
  • The latest in tracking solutions which will work with your tracking provider and also provide you with the right solution if you are in need of tracking
  • Account management which enables you to stay on top of the internet's constant changes and developments