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Useful Information

Affiliate Marketing Basics

We can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere so if you are looking to learn the basics then look no further.
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Tracking Sales Online

To find out more about how sales are tracked online read our handy guide.
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Additional resources

Affiliate Program Directories

Affiliate program directories offer an essential resource for webmasters actively seeking out affiliate programs to add to their sites.

Some of these directories are very popular with a loyal following you will also notice that the popularity of affiliate programs has created many such directories with over 40 active directories listing affiliate programs.

Listing your program is free, and brings your program to the directory editor's attention - if they like your program and mention it in their newsletters you will receive a lot of free publicity.

Affiliate Directory Submission Service

You can of course submit your program by hand to each of these directories but I guarantee you, it's a time consuming job!

My Affiliate Announce service, will submit your program to these 40 directories for you, freeing up your time to continue building your program.

Take a quick look, even if you just want some free submission tips and let me know if you have any questions.


The Directory List

It is worth noting that from my experience of submitting over 500+ programs with Affiliate Announce that I know not all of these directories stay up-to-date with new listings. As such I check the Affiliate Announce submission list once a month and delete those that do not keep up. The list above is from version 3 of my submission list - Affiliate Announce now operates on version 5!