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Tracking Sales Online

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Forrester Report

The latest report from Forrester Research shows affiliate marketing as the most effective unyet least used method of marketing.

From a survey of 47 marketing managers, affiliate marketing ranked equal with email marketing as being the most effective.

With some sites now reporting over 60% of revenues being generated from affiliate marketing, perhaps you ought to consider harnessing the power of this marketing method.

1Affiliate Marketing17%4.3
2Customer Email77%4.3
3Public Relations45%4.1
6Email (opt-in)23%3.5
9Direct Mail30%3.4

Source: Forrester Research April 1999. Effectiveness ratings based on 1 (poor) to 5 (good).

It's also interesting to note that the least effective form of marketing ie. Banners is the most used!

In planning your affiliate program try to encourage your associates to do more than just place a banner to promote your program.

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