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The Affiliate Program Managers Newsletter February 2001 Issue


1. How to find the ideal Affiliates for your program
2. Banner ad example gaining over 6% CTR
3. UK Watch
-Affiliate Solutions Report
-Affiliate Get2Gether London
-UK Goto Keywords
4. Save $300 with Kowabunga's 'CJ sympathy discount'
5. Affiliate Marketing in Germany
6. Diary Dates
7. How to check if a prospective Affiliate's site is up-to-date
8. My portfolio of Affiliate Managers tools and services
9. New managers resource guide from Fox Tucker
10. Pass it on
11. Advertise Here

1. How to find the ideal Affiliates for your program

I have just made available an exclusive report for all my Affiliate Announce clients and thought I'd offer this 'clients only' report to my loyal newsletter subscribers too :)

The most common question asked of me by my Affiliate Announce clients is "What else can I do to recruit Affiliates? Where do I find the best performers for my program?".

This 'clients only report' answers exactly that.

Detailing how to find your 'ideal affiliates', the best way to contact these and how to sell the concept of your Affiliate program. I have also included an example email I have used with great effect to recruit Affiliates for a recent project.

Download your free report now by clicking the link below -


2. Banner ad example gaining over 6% CTR

As regular readers know I try to offer real world examples and studies based on my ongoing experiences within this newsletter.

Recently I launched a new set of link creatives for one of my programs and took a slightly different approach to the usual banner ad, which has presented some excellent initial results.

Rather than create the typical graphic based banner, these where made to look like text links.

Including a plain white background with simple blue text headlines underlined and the only graphics being 'windows-esque' style 'OK' buttons.

It's very early days, as the banners need more exposure for the averages to even out but the first results are very encouraging.

The first thousand impressions, placed to a *relevant* audience generated just over 6% CTR.

As the impressions increased and started being placed by Affiliates to a less targeted audience the ratio has dropped quite dramatically to a current rate of 3.73% but that is still exceptionally high for a banner ad.

You can see an example of this banner at -


I can't claim credit for this style of banners, many of the leading online marketer's have utilised the power of banners that look like text links for years.

It was only until I read Scott Covert's, 'Banner Advertising Traffic Machine' that I decided to try this out.

I recommend you grab a copy of Scott's book, it's short and to the point. Providing details of why these work, how to create such banners and hundreds of examples with actual results plus some additional useful facts and statistics relating to banner advertising campaigns.

With an established program the results of your banners are multiplied many times over, the smallest of improvements in CTR can have a dramatic effect on your programs bottom line.

Find out more about Scott Covert's 'Banner Advertising Traffic Machine' at -

Banner Ad Magic

3. UK Watch

**Affiliate Solutions Report**

I spent my Valentines Day at Internet.com's Affiliate Solutions conference in London.

It was great to see so many UK organisations interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing, I spoke to a number of blue chip companies looking at establishing a program.

It certainly looks as though the UK market is ready to embrace the concept of performance marketing.

Highlights of the event included Declan Dunn of www.adnetinternational.com providing an excellent presentation and Ola Edvardsson with a fascinating insight into essential metrics and monetising performance. You will find a brief overview of some of these ideas at http://www.beyondcpm.com/

Disappointing to hear one UK merchant state publicly that they use their program for "cheap branding". Obviously not everyone 'gets it', yet!

During the solution providers panel Gabi Zijderveld of Be Free hinted at the end of Be Free's exclusivity agreements. (Be Free have in the past always insisted merchants use their tracking technology exclusively).

I was a little surprised to see that some of the 'home grown' UK networks had opted not to join the conference and where not represented on the merchants panel.

**London Affiliate Managers Get2Gether**

On the evening of Feb 13th I hosted an informal program managers get together in London.

Organised at the last minute and with a twelfth hour change of venue the event was still very well supported with over 30 program managers, new media agencies and solution providers attending.

Declan Dunn and Ola Edvardsson of www.adnetinternational.com acted as guest speakers before we had the opportunity to retire to the bar to network and share ideas.

I plan to organise other similar events soon, if you would like the opportunity to meet with fellow program managers drop me a note and I'll be sure to inform you of future plans.


***Goto suggestion tool UK now available**

The pay per click search engine, Goto.com has provided a useful service in the US, offering affiliates and merchants a cost effective way to buy traffic.

Recently they launched their UK version. Traffic levels are nowhere near that of the US version but it's still worth a look.

Goto have just launched a UK version of their keyword suggestion tool, I have found the US version to be an indispensable research tool to discover exactly what keywords, surfers search for. The UK version will bring additional helpful information for the UK market -


Many Affiliates successfully utilise Goto to buy traffic to promote their programs.

How about an article in you're next Affiliate newsletter illustrating how they can buy traffic to promote your program?

Although it's worth illustrating to your Affiliates the UK editorial guidelines, which I've posted at -


4. Save $300 with Kowabunga's 'CJ sympathy discount'

In response to Commission Junction's new fee schedules, Kowabunga software announced a "CJ Merchants Sympathy Upgrade" offering a $300 discount against their software on all orders throughout February.

I use Kowabunga's 'My Affiliate Program' to power my program and I highly recommend them.

Although not a network (so you will need to be proactive in affiliate acquisition and cut your own affiliate checks), My Affiliate Program provide a wealth of advanced features and functionality at an affordable price.

If you want to take advantage of this offer you will have to hurry, the offer expires in just a few days!!

5. Affiliate Marketing in Germany

As interest in expansion of Affiliate Marketing throughout Europe grows, Stefanie Puetz-Lehmann of partnerprogramme.com provides an overview of the state of Affiliate Marketing in Germany -

state of Affiliate Marketing in Germany

6. Diary Dates

20th-23rd April, Florida - AffiliateForce 2001

25th-26th April, London - SMi Affiliate Marketing Conference

21st-22nd May 2001, London - Affiliate Marketing Summit

If you're visiting either London events and want to meet up let me know - neil@affiliatemarketing.co.uk

7. How to check if a prospective affiliate's site is up-to-date

When locating sites to send personal invites to join your program it's sometimes helpful to know if the site is still being actively updated.

Here's a quick tip to discover when a site was last updated.

Using Internet Explorer version 5 or higher open the site in question and type the following into your address bar -


This will open a Javascript information box detailing the last date any updates where made to this page.

For more practical help and ideas to manage your affiliate program, click below and review my new book, 'The Practical Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Affiliate Program' -


8. My portfolio of Affiliate Managers tools and services

Need help to create, launch or manage your Affiliate Program?

I have an growing portfolio of tools and services to help you. Click below for a brief overview of my products and services -


9. New managers resource guide from Fox Tucker

Fox Tucker has been rather busy of late developing a number of new affiliate related sites.

The latest addition is a new resource guide for program managers -


10. Pass it on

Found the newsletter helpful? Great...let me know and pass it on.

Tell your colleagues they can get their own copy of the Affiliate Program Managers Newsletter by sending a blank email to -


Back issues can be found at -

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11. Advertise Here

The Affiliate Program Managers Newsletter is mailed monthly to just over 1,500 affiliate program managers.

Targeting a typically difficult to find audience.

It will possibly be the most expensive CPM you have ever bought but it will still be a bargain.

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