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Expect The Best - An Affiliates Viewby Richard Porter, Simplesite Directory

As publisher of an affiliate program directory I'm often asked what I look for in a program.

If I'm going to invest time and effort in a program then I expect everything from the very best programs.

I want the best affiliate support, I am after all one of your salesman. Support me, train me, give me manuals, maybe a forum to chat and learn from other affiliates.

I want the best commissions, without 'hidden' deductions tucked away in the affiliate agreement small print for shipping or handling fee's. I would also like to be paid in my currency, we don't all trade in dollars!

I want a two-tier structure, so I'm rewarded for helping build your network. I also want lifetime commisions from my customer's ongoing purchases.

I've spent ages getting the look of my site right, so I'm going to need a good choice of professionally designed graphics. While your at it I'd like some quality copy for my text links, something tried and tested and that works.

I want real online stat's that reflect traffic, sales and refferals as they are happening.

I want to be emailed when I get a sale, refferal or there is a change in the program.

I'm also going to cast a very critical eye over your site. Are you going to close the sale once I've directed my hard earned traffic to you?

The value of a good affiliate is enormous. As an affiliate I recognise there are many programs targeting me and I expect the best and can afford to be choosy over which merchants programs to support.

Finally my last tip to merchants is to make sure your affiliates are paid in time, otherwise all your hard work will be undone!

Richard Porter
The Simplesite UK Directory