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Branded Interactive Content For Your Affiliates

Continuing the topic of advanced linking tools we take a look at ePod's solution to providing your affiliates with a branded interactive linking tool.

An ePod allows your affiliates to paste a showcase onto their site which can be remotely updated with news, content and products. It can even be integrated with your existing shopping cart to allow sales directly from the ePod on an affiliates site.

The idea behind an ePod is to help your affiliates merchandise your products, whilst they may have traffic you cannot expect all your affiliates to be expert merchandisers but an ePod allows you to deliver quality content to help generate sales.

A number of well-known affiliate programs have already created ePod's to promote their program including CDNow, Xoom and eNutrition.

Adding the CDNow epod below took just a few minutes (it took longer to sign up as an affiliate), ePod supply the required HTML to be cut'n'paste onto the affiliates site -

Placing the ePod really is no harder than adding a banner to a site.

ePods are designed to integrate with your existing affiliate tracking solution and I understand have already been tested with all the leading affiliate networks.

Overall, it looks as though ePod has created a very effective merchandising tool that will help your affiliates. I also wonder how many new affiliates it will attract. The ePod 'gallery' lists all it's showcases which I'm certain will attract loyal ePod affiliates to join other ePod enabled programs.

The service cost seems reasonable, starting from $2,500.

Linda Radosavich ePod's marketing director explained that initial clickthrough rates had been very high but she wanted the percentages to level out before making them public, perhaps ePod showcases will go a long way to help bolster affiliate clickthrough's.

Telephone - (917) 322-2115

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