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Commission Junction


Commission Junction is the most popular network in terms of number of merchants. They have a number of benefits that are making them first choice, not just the by fact that they less expensive than most of the other networks!

Firstly Commission Junction consolidate affiliates commissions from all the merchants programs they belong to. So if an affiliate only earns $15 from your program but earns another $10 from a combination of other CJ merchants they still get a check for that month.

Commission Junction also offer a generous 2-tier program to encourage both it's merchants and affiliates to promote the entire network.

Whether your a merchant or affiliate you receive a 5 cent click through to Commission Junction (CJ pays this) plus all affiliate programs in the network are automatically 2-tier. If you operate your program through CJ your affiliates receive 5% of their 2nd tier affiliates commissions across all the programs that affiliate joins (again CJ pick up the tab for this).

Personally I use Commission Junction to manage one of my programs and I highly recommend them.

Date Started : 1998

Live Merchants : 580*

Installation Times : From 1 hour

Setup fee : $795

Transaction fees : 20%

Other Fees : None

Features :

Two tier network. Consolidated reporting and commission checks. Encontext, allowing affiliates to create own shop linking to indivdual products.

* Current at time of writing - 3-17-2000