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Affiliate Marketing Basics

We can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere so if you are looking to learn the basics then look no further.
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Tracking Sales Online

To find out more about how sales are tracked online read our handy guide.
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Your Tracking Solution 'Checklist'

1. How much time do you have available to manage your Program?

2. Do you have, or plan to recruit, a Program Manager to handle your Programs management?

3. Is your accounts department able to handle Affiliate payment administration?

4. Will you insist on all Affiliates being 'pre-approved'? (Will take up more management time).

5. Have you researched your potential Affiliate base? Do you have a broad reach or a niche sector that are unlikely to be part of an Affiliate network?

6. Is retaining 'Affiliate Ownership' or not being included in a network of potential competitors important for you?

7. Which option first appears to best suit your needs -

  • Network Solution
  • Software Solution
Network Solutions

1. Have you contacted each network for full information and costs?

2. Have you taken up references from the networks' existing customers?

3. Is your existing site/server compatible or easily integrated with your proffered solution?

Software Solutions

1. Have you reviewed each solution within your price point/budget?

2. Have you taken up customer references?

3. Do you understand your preferred suppliers tracking technology and its key advantages and disadvantages? (see how it works)

4. Does the software provide a system to email your Affiliate partners? If not do you have your own system planned?

5. Is your proposed system compatible with your existing site and server?