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Case Study: Creating The Bottom Line Secrets Affiliate Program

18th July 2000 - Adding product links - Let me save YOU some time.

This weekend, I managed to finish updating the material for my workshop at Affiliate Force 2000 this month. The syllabus looks really great. And the information is actually practical. I will have to think about turning it into an e-book. (Remember, there's a 10% discount to HelpMates - http://affiliateforce.com/i-helpdesk)

Another thing I did this weekend (remember, this is being written on Monday morning), was to put up the product links for Bottom Line/Personal on the CJ interface. Considering I had all the tips and text right at hand, ready to paste in, it should have taken me, say, a half hour to an hour to set up. Instead, since there is no information in the system about what will and won't work in the interface, it took me ALL day Saturday.

Let me save YOU some time.

  1. They have a product link template which you will find when you click on the 'edit product links' tab. Use that, even if you don't already have links set up.
  2. The description field WILL take HTML. Use the {p} tag to set up your spacing. Go ahead and format your text and put in your font specifications.
  3. The URL you put in for the 'product link' will go nowhere, but the URL for the 'buy button link' link does.
  4. So, instead, if you want them to see a larger part of the article you are using as a teaser, you can put the URL into the description field as HTML.

Problems -

  • The URL in #4 won't track the visitor code.
  • The last changes I made that are intended to dynamically revise your website pages are still not showing up - after 36 hours.

I have a call in to Rich and Craig to work on this.

Your Humble Guide,

Eva Rosenberg