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Case Study: Creating The Bottom Line Secrets Affiliate Program

7th July 2000 - Problem Fixed

Well, the good news! The first thing Chris at CJ.com did when he got in this morning was to fix the problem with the Bottom Line welcome letter.

He immediately deleted the e-mail message from everyone's mail boxes. We wrote a new letter explaining that the error was CJ's. And they are re-sending the welcome letter with the correct URL, for those who haven't had a chance to see it yet...and new members. Fast work. Do like the service!

I still don't know why it happened? That wasn't explained - is this standard practice? Or what?

But, it's ironic that the company who's motto is - "Do Everything Right" starts out by greeting new members with an error. No doubt, we'll laugh about it later!

Incidentally, when listing Bottom Line/Personal on Allan Gardyne's www.associateprograms.com, when I got done, it took me to a page that introduced I also found this new $79 service, free to CJ members Affiliate Announce with which I sent out the announcements to 40 affiliate directories. Cool!

Other places that we submitted it to so far - to the Womens Forum members, Glenn Sobel's Affiliate Advisor and Ola Edvardsson Affiliate Force In fact, Michael has agreed to provide the most current issues of Bottom Line/Personal and Tax Hotline to all attendeees.

Your Humble Guide,

Eva Rosenberg