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Case Study: Creating The Bottom Line Secrets Affiliate Program

6th July 2000 - Now, I am going to give you an alert. BEWARE

The latest in the adventures of setting up the Bottom Line/Personal affiliate program...First of all, thanks to all of you who have signed up. I have been busy manually changing commission rates for HelpMates. (I am sure there is a way to change the commission rate for a whole group - and I will have to read that information. No time.)

Now, I am going to give you an alert. BEWARE. When you write your announcement letter for Commission Junction, (you know, the one they send out to all affiliates?) ask them to send you the FINAL version BEFORE it goes out. Although I asked if there was anything special I had to do with the letter, Chris just told me to write and send it to him, he'll take care of it and see to it that it was sent out on July 5th. (And remember, he was a big help to us getting the code working properly and activating BottomLine on July 3rd.)

Well, to my HORROR, I saw the letter that actually went out. They had changed my URL in the letter - the one that pointed to the affiliate sign up page. In this area (and in this experiment) we are 'selling' a one year PAID subscription and offering several free gifts as inducements.

Without asking, they arbitrarily used a shortened version of the URL, which took the affiliates to the main site - which is giving away FREE 3 month subscriptions as an inducement to simply TRY the publication. Any affiliate going to that page thinks they are putting a link up on their site to give away free subscriptions...??!??! Or - what, what would they be thinking?!

I don't know yet how this will be resolved - if CJ sends out an apology to all newly-signed affiliates - and if they can change the contents of the unopened e-mail presently sitting in all their members' boxes? Or...I am sure they will do all they can to help. But the problem should not have arisen at all.

But, before you go through this problem...just thought you might want to know to take precautions.

Your Humble Guide,

Eva Rosenberg