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Case Study: Creating The Bottom Line Secrets Affiliate Program

26th July 2000 - Continuing the case study

Dear HelpMates,

As of yet, I still haven't had time to work on the press release for Bottom Line/Personal. What I have been doing is - changing commission rates for HelpDesk members and FrankelBees.

Some people have contacted me about specific content they want for their websites. So, I've been combing the BL/P archives to find articles for them. I've set up additional content feeds on Real Estate and several text links that contain 5-6 line ads for your newsletters. I will be adding a content feed on 'Free Stuff Secrets' shortly, if anyone is interested.

So far, most of the sales have been generated by recommendations or links in affiliates' newsletters. That looks like an excellent way to generate sales on your merchants' products. (OK, I did generate one sale by dragging someone into my office and making her sit down at my site and placing the order right then and there...but she needs Bottom Line - really, she does!)

Nancy and I are also working on starting a newsletter for our members, using Tucia's 'Virtualis' Steps to Success' as a guideline. She knows how to build excitement and loyalty among her 'family.' And that's the kind of spirit I want to foster.

From everything I heard at Affiliate Solutions, a good affiliate newsletter/contact system will ensure that you build a strong base of members who are eager and happy to market your product.

Look, the Bottom Line folks could have just thrown up an affiliate program and let it run by itself...you already know how ineffective that can be. Instead, they want to build a big-time affiliate sales force - and do it right. In the long run, this will bring an exponentially growing referral base and a steady stream of income to this merchant. We've got a way to go, but right now, most of the functions in Commission Junction seem to be working. So, keep your fingers crossed!

Your Humble Guide,

Eva Rosenberg