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Banner Ad Example Generating 6% CTR

As regular readers know I try to offer real world examples and studies based on my ongoing experiences within this newsletter.

Recently I launched a new set of link creatives for one of my programs and took a slightly different approach to the usual banner ad which has presented some excellent initial results.

Rather than create the typical graphic based banner, these where made to look like text links.

Including a plain white background with simple blue text headlines underlined and the only graphics being 'windows-esque' style 'OK' buttons.

It's very early days as the banners need more exposure for the averages to even out but the first results are very encouraging.

The first thousand impressions, placed to a relevant audience generated just over 6% CTR.

As the impressions increased and started being placed by affiliates to a less targeted the audience the ratio has dropped quite dramatically to a current rate of 3.73% but that is still exceptionally high for a banner ad.

I can't claim credit for this style of banners, many of the leading online marketeer's have utilised the power of banners that look like text links for years.

I recommend you grab a copy of Scott's book, it's short and to the point. Providing details of why these work, how to create such banners and hundreds of examples with actual results plus some additional useful facts and statistics relating to banner advertising campaigns.

With an established program the results of your banners are multiplied many times over, the smallest of improvements in CTR can have a dramatic effect on your programs bottom line.