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The Affiliate Program Managers Newsletter August Issue


1. Launching An Affiliate Program - Case Study
2. Quality Not Quantity - Report From The IIR Conference
3. Provide Your Affiliates With The Magical Words That Make The Sale
4. UK Watch
5. How Much Does A Program Manager Earn?
6. A Cry For Help In The Discussion Forum
7. Affiliate Loyalty - Notes From NYAMC Meeting
8. Next CJU Dates Announced
9. What do you think?


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Affiliate Announce

1. Launching An Affiliate Program - Case Study

Over the last several weeks Eva Rosenberg from the I-Helpdesk Newsletter has shared her experiences of creating a new program with her newsletter, creating an excellent real world example of starting an affiliate program.

She has kindly permitted me to assemble the data into a case study offering a fascinating insight into creating a new program illustrating their trials, tribulations and successes-

Case Study

2. Quality Not Quantity - Report From The IIR Conference

Another great exclusive for the Affiliate Managers Newsletter ;)

Linda Woods, reports on the outstanding IIR Online Affiliates seminar. The report shares tips and statistics from an impressive group of speakers.

IIR Report

In fact their was so many tips that it wouldn't all fit in one article - so follow the link below for some of the speakers best 'soundbites' of tips.


3. Provide Your Affiliates With The Magical Words That Make The Sale

As a program manager the words you write are repeated back by hundreds maybe thousands of affiliates. How many affiliates 'lift' some sales copy from your site to promote your program? Do you provide sample copy, classified adverts, ezine ads and sales copy?

The copy your provide will be replicated across so many sites that improving the effectiveness of it's copy by just a few percentage points will have a dramatic effect on your overall networks sales.

Most programs advocate the use of textual links and product placements over the use of a simple banner placement but are you providing your affiliates with copy they can use and adapt for their own use.

Copywriting is an art. I have a dust covered book on the bookshelf illustrating tried and tested techniques for writing off-line advertising copywriting but this morning when Ken Evoy announced the launch of his new book 'Make Your Words Sell' I rushed on over to his site to grab myself a copy.

Personally I would have sweated over writing the sales copy for a book that teaches copywriting for weeks!

If you can provide new creative for your affiliates that increase sales by just a few percent it would be time well spent.......

Make Your Words Sell

4. UK Watch

I have just returned from a lunch-time affiliate marketing seminar here in London. I was impressed by the level of interest, admittedly the seminar was free courtesy of sponsorship from UKaffiliates but it attracted over 100 delegates.

Adrian Moss, Managing Director of UKaffiliates claimed their new network had access to 30,000 affiliates although admitted only 8,000-9,000 of these are UK based. Still surprisingly high for such a young network.

I also met up with Kevin Brown and Andy Totten of affiliate window. Both openly excited about the future of affiliate marketing in the UK. These guys are worth watching.

TradeDoubler although not at the seminar continue to recruit new merchants unhindered by a 'cost to entry' barrier leading the race in number of merchant programs available within their network..

5. How Much Does A Program Manager Earn?

Recently a site owner asked me how much he ought to expect to pay when employing an affiliate manager to run his program. Of course I explained how few and far between experienced program mangers are and that as such they ought to command a high salary but I thought a quick poll might be interesting.

Make your vote and compare notes at -


6. A Cry For Help In The Discussion Forum

Our discussion forum gives you the opportunity to share experiences with your industries counterparts.

This week a cry for help in the forum -

"I am at a loss! I have spent 14 hours per day for the last 2 weeks researching affiliate programming solutions.....this should be a simple solution but it is turning into a nightmare"

Plus...questions on affiliate bot's and verifying affiliate traffic, share your experience -

Discussion Forum

7. Affiliate Loyalty - Notes From NYAMC Meeting

The New York Affiliate Managers Coalition (www.NYAMC.org) continues to help program managers by networking and sharing ideas. The latest meeting discussed the topics of retaining affiliate loyalty, the minutes for the meeting highlight ideas discussed which make for very interesting reading.

The minutes are posted at - www.usamc.org/nyc.htm

8. Next CJU Dates Announced

Commission Junction have announced the dates for their next CJU (Commission Junction University) planned for September 17-19 in Santa Barbara,CA.

The CJU aims to offer CJ merchants and affiliates the most comprehensive series of seminars on Affiliate Marketing available, as well as tips and techniques to maximize the CJ.com tool set.

The agenda looks good and will give you the chance to catch up with some well known names to discuss ideas to increase your programs profitability.

See www.cj.com for details

9. What do you think?

Found the newsletter helpful? Great........pass it on.

If you have any news, articles or features you want to share with your fellow affiliate managers drop me a line.


All the best
Neil Durrant