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22 August 2001




1. Affiliate Fraud Problems

2. Wireless Affiliate Tracking

3. Farewell ClickTrade

4. New Network Focuses on Offline Tracking and Charitable Causes

5. My Second Anniversary

6. Calls for updates to 2-tier.com

7. Ezula sucks and more affiliate news

8. Need Any Help With Your Affiliate Program?

9. Pass it on




1. Affiliate Fraud Problems


This month one of my programs suffered from affiliate fraud.


Although the attempt created no real financial loss it did waste plenty of my time investigating the matter.


These problems centered around my site offering my 'Practical Guide' book. Over the weeks I noticed an unusual number of orders placed by customers in the Ukraine.


All the orders where referred by a new affiliate who had also provided an Ukrainian postal address.


The quantity of orders going out to such a 'suspicious' location was immediately obvious.


The affiliate quickly racked up their minimum payment threshold for commissions. I tried to contact them by email to ask to 'feature their success story'.


The email bounced.


A few weeks later I received several chargeback requests from these 'customers'.


While I understand that its not uncommon for a credit card thief to purchase products in the hope that they will receive appropriate affiliate commissions, I must admit that I was a little surprised that such a niche program as mine would be targeted like this!


The affiliate didn't get his commission check and as my book is delivered electronically I didn't lose anything from these 'non-sales'. However, it serves as a timely reminder to ensure that you review any affiliate commissions against product refunds and chargebacks.




2. Wireless Affiliate Tracking


Recently two new networks have opened their doors in the UK and both have distinctly unique models.


The first is Mobile Affiliates - offering the first wireless affiliate network.


An array of different protocols means that tracking sales via wireless sites is rather more complex than typical affiliate solutions.


Amanda Austin of Mobile Affiliates has provided an article looking at the principles behind revenue share for wireless sites and takes a look at the technology involved.






3. Farewell ClickTrade


This month we say a final farewell to ClickTrade.


Microsoft's bCentral recently notified all their merchants that the network is to close and recommended they move their programs to Commission Junction.


The service is due to close September 6th.


In the meantime I spoke with Kowabunga, producers of 'My Affiliate Program' who agreed to extend a special sympathy discount to the orphaned Revenue Avenue Merchants. This provides a very generous discount to those who wish to continue operating a program and maintain their affiliate relationships in-house.






4. New Network Focuses on Offline Tracking and Charitable Causes


The second of this months new UK network contenders is buy.at/.


Buy.at/ has taken the unique approach of creating a network that provides easy to remember affiliate links to enable charitable causes to promote a merchants offering offline.


Buy.at/ claim to reach customers who are members of good causes - schools, charities, clubs and other common-interest groups. Every purchase benefits their cause providing an incentive for their supporters to buy.


The technology means it can run alongside any other network you may already be using.


The network is still establishing merchants ready for their imminent public launch.


I've met some of the people at buy.at/. I think their unique idea could work well to motivate customers 'loyal to a cause'. And as their network joining fee is just 100, I'd suggest that UK merchants might want to take a closer look.


You can find out more at http://joinperfiliate.at/afft



5. My Second Anniversary


This week is the second anniversary of the launch of Affiliate Announce.


My 'little idea' has exceeded all my expectations.


Over the last two years I have met so many great friends all willing to take a moment to help, give me a little publicity or offer friendly advice.


To all my friends and especially my affiliate partners without whom Affiliate Announce wouldn't exist - Thank You :)






6. Calls for updates to 2-tier.com


Rick Bier of 2-Tier.com has been very busy introducing a new version of his affiliate directory.


The new directory includes lots of new features and has brought together a number of 'affiliate guides' responsible for editing categories of the directory.


In order to include your details in the new version of the directory you will need to resubmit your programs data.


(Tip: 2-tier.com will actually also list your single tier program too!).


You can list your program in the new database at:





Alternatively, if you haven't yet found time to submit to all the affiliate directories use my affiliate announce service and I'll personally submit your program to all the key directories.




7. Ezula sucks and more affiliate news


It's been a very busy month.


The big US networks have made real efforts to start improving affiliate relations and communications.


Unless you have been on vacation I'm sure you won't have missed the furore over Ezula and TopText. If you have been away, there's a lot of important catch up reading to do at:




and perhaps you ought to lend a little support to:








8. Need Help With Your Affiliate Program?


Need help to create, launch or manage your Affiliate Program? Perhaps you have a specific problem or affiliate related project you

need to outsource?


I have a growing portfolio of tools and services to help you.


Click below for a brief overview of my products and services-






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All the best

Neil Durrant







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