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New 'Affiliate Recruiter' service from OrphanIT will identify and personally recruit targeted affiliates for your program


Are you looking for a cost effective method to identify and recruit new super affiliates for your program?

The key to a successful affiliate program is to personally locate well-trafficked and relevant sites that have the attention of your potential customers.

Without doubt the most effective recruitment method for *quality* affiliates is through such one-to-one contact but for most affiliate managers it's not possible to find the time to actively research and invite affiliates in this way.

Until now a cost effective personalized recruitment service was simply unavailable. (As the task is so time intensive it's not been financially viable for a company to provide such a service).

As of today that has changed!

Over the past few weeks I have been working with Simon Healy, Simon manages a number of affiliate programs to promote charitable causes and is the founder of OrphanIT.

OrphanIT is a not for profit company that trains and employs young people including orphans and other underprivileged young adults in developing nations including Manila in the Philippines and Chennai in India.

OrphanIT provides it's students with essential IT training, their graduates are accredited by the national Philippine training authority and their trainees now earn up to 10 times what they were earning in 2001.

OrphanIT's new affiliate recruiter service will save you money and time - doing all the hard work of finding and contacting prospective affiliates for your program.


Simon Healy will personally work with you to identify your recruitment objectives and create a recruitment email.

They will then research potential affiliates through the major search engines while cross referencing prospects using Alexa and Neil Shearing's LinkSpider software.

Where possible they will hand source the necessary contact details and include the website name to personalise and individually mail every single email.

OrphanIT's first clients have received an active affiliate sign-up rate of between 5-8%.

The affiliate recruiter service provides a cost effective solution to the problems faced by many program managers and I have a feeling Simon and his team and going to be rather busy!

Visit the link below to find out more:


All the best,

Neil Durrant


PS. Use the 'Affiliate Recruiter' to increase the number of affiliates linking to your program. 
It works and you will be helping solve poverty.