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Affiliate Marketing Basics

We can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere so if you are looking to learn the basics then look no further.
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Tracking Sales Online

To find out more about how sales are tracked online read our handy guide.
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Affiliate and CPA Networks

Network Notes Set-Up Fee Escrow Deposit Additional Fees Exclusivity Required?
Adreporting   $1000 Negotiatable ? No
AffiliateFare   $200.00 $297.00 30% transaction fee No
AffiliateFuel Only accepts Pay per click/lead NOT per sale. Free Minimum $5,000 to start a campaign with 100% refund of unused monies 30% transaction fee No
AffiliateFuture UK based network None until August 2002 50 50 per month service charge + 20% No
AffiliateStorm   Free NA 30% transaction fee No
AffiliateTrader   $50 (?) NA 25% transaction fee No
AffiliateNetwork.to   Free $1500 20% transaction fee No
AffiliateWindow UK network. Pays affiliates in USD, GBP or Euros 199-1499 NA No Transaction Fee's - Flat Monthly Fee No
Affinity Arc Affinity is a VISP provider powering 150 branded ISP's in the UK such as Breathe, Egg and Tiny Computers. Whilst also open to the 'masses' Affinity Arc provides a performance based sales channel to their portal clients. 1,500 NA 30% transaction fee No
Be Free   Approx. $6000 NA Varied Additional Fee's Yes
Buy.at/ UK based network with emphaisis on charitable causes promoting merchants offering offline 200 NA 20% transaction fee No
ClixGalore Pays affiliates in USD, GBP, AU$ or Euro Varies
(Free - $745)
Varies ($75-$250) 25% transaction fee No
Clickbank Provides merchant account/credit card processing and affiliate network (digital products only). $49.95 N/A (Clickbank also process customer transactions) $1 + 7.5% fee per sale No
ClickXchange   Free $250 30% ($50 per month min.) No
Commission Junction   $1295 $500 30% Transaction Fee($250 monthly min) No
CPABank   $250 ? ? No
DirectLeads   $750 NA $0.005 Per Click. $10.00 PER Gigabyte of data transferred over 5 Gigabytes No
Fineclicks Only supports pay per click/lead (not per sale). Free $300 30% transaction fee No
GoFlip   $145 $150 30% transaction fee ($19.95 monthly minimum) No
Lead Crunch   Free $500 "no additional fees beyond the commissions we are paid from the advertiser above and beyond what is paid to the affiliate" No
Leadhound Pays affiliates in USD or GBP $199 $500 30% transaction fee No
Linkshare Detailed Review Approx. $6,000 NA Varied Additional Fee's Yes
OnResponse Prices are determined by the amount of information collected NA NA NA No
(previously Dynamic Trade)
Emphasis placed on program management for limited/select merchants Approx. $5000 NA ? No
Perfiliate UK based network with emphaisis on charitable causes promoting merchants offering offline 200 NA 20% transaction fee No
Quinstreet Not a traditonal affiliate network - they do have their own proprietary tracking technology but work closely with selected merchants NA NA NA No
RegNow Payment and affiliate solution created especially for software products. Affiliates include all the leading shareware sites such as Download.com. $9.95 N/A as they also process customer transactions 20% transaction fee (card processing and delivery) plus 15% affiliate transaction charges No
ShareASale   $150 $50 20% transaction fees No
TradeDoubler European network - representation in 12 of the largest markets in Europe Approx 2900 NA Monthly costs start at 150 No
UKAffiliates UK based network 1999 NA 400 per month plus 30% transaction fee No
YourCheque UK based network. I have noted numerous negative affiliate comments in respect to this networks marketing methods and terms & conditions. Due diligence recommended. Free NA Monthly service charge (99-299) No
WebSponsors Websponsors haven't bothered to reply to any of my emails so I can't tell you!!!
Wishflower *Wishflower does not take on Commission-Only-CPA deals unless on an exclusive basis Varies NA NA No*