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Affiliate Marketing Basics

We can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere so if you are looking to learn the basics then look no further.
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Tracking Sales Online

To find out more about how sales are tracked online read our handy guide.
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Additional resources

Activating Affiliates - Your Affiliate Newsletter

There are a number of program managers out their getting it 'right', people like Declan Dunn of ActiveMarketplace, Ken Evoy of Sitesell, Shawn Collins of Clubmom. You don't have to copy these people but look at the successful programs, see what they are doing right, how they are inspiring their network and what ideas you can adapt to help improve your program.

I had planned in this section to look at Shawn Collins and his newsletter for Clubmom but he has just written an excellent article about this in his regular column on Clickz - The Art of The Affiliate Newsletter

No point in me re-writing what Shawn has done!

Take a look, Shawn talks about listing your top affiliates earnings not their names or sites just the amounts. As one of the first to do this Clubmom received lots of publicity in the industry related newsletters. For your affiliates in your newsletter what better motivational item than showing what can be earned through your program?

Affiliate community building

Here's another idea used to great effect by Clubmom. Shawn has created an e-group discussion forum just for affiliates of his program.

I joined the forum just to have a quick look around and found a vibrant community, Shawn actively monitors the group bouncing ideas off his affiliates, helping people with problems and offering general advice such as search engine tips. Looking at the groups usage many of his affiliates appreciate the community and are actively involved.

Its not going to cost you anything to establish your own affiliate forum with eGroups but if you do, you need to be on-hand checking the board daily to answer requests for help.

Resources to help train and educate affiliates

What training resources do you provide your network?

If you haven't got time to create your own their are plenty of resources you can direct your affiliates to, some, if you wish will even generate their own revenue stream to help bolster your affiliate marketing budget!

I'm sure you have come across Declan Dunn's book 'Winning The Affiliate Game', if your affiliates read and implement ideas in this book will they not be better aware of how to promote an affiliate program and earn more?

Ken Evoy produces a free email course 'The Affiliate Masters Course', initially created to help train his network but freely available to all. Why not make your affiliates aware of this resource? In fact in doing so affiliates may purchase his book 'Make Your Site Sell', not only is this an excellent guide for anyone to improve their online profits but it could also generate you an additional income stream. Click here and send a blank e-mail to receive The Affiliate Masters course...

What else may your affiliates find useful, there are so many tools available that will help them. Assemble a links page or mention them in your newsletter. What will they find useful?

How about a free search engine keyword tool to investigate the best keywords - Keywords Wizard

Advice on how best to use pay per click search engines - PayPerClickSearchEngines.com

Novice affiliates may find my new, free meta page creation tool useful - AffiliateToolkit

Free International Search Engine Submission Wizard - AddMe.com or for UK based content my UK only search engine submission wizard - FreeSubmitUKcom.

By listening to your affiliates and scouting out tools and advice that will benefit them you will develop your affiliate community, have a lively affiliate newsletter while re-activating your affiliates and maintaining their loyalty to your program.

Any comments? What have you found to be effective in motivating your affiliate network? I would love to hear your comments. Contact me at neil@affiliatemarketing.co.uk