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Activating Affiliates - Quick Start Email Guide

I can't claim credit for this idea, Declan Dunn of activemarketplace recommends this in his book Insiders Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs!

Declan advises that you put together a quick start guide which goes out to each affiliate when they join your program.

Instead of sending out a single welcome email the quick start guide for his programs are sent out in seven parts sent at different intervals.

Why split it up?

Its a fact that regular communication builds familiarity it also helps break up the advice into manageable chunks and keeps motivating the new affiliate over the crucial first couple of weeks in getting up and running with your program.

Again remember the communication will only create the required response by being personal and useful!

Look at how Declan does it. Join one of his programs and you will receive the getting started course - in fact you may find some his products very useful to offer to your affiliates as training aids!

He uses aweber's autoresponder. This autoresponder allows him to send personalised messages (the recipients name can be included in the email and the subject of the email), it allows messages to be set-up so they are sent at pre-determined intervals and allows the users to opt-out of receiving future messages at any time.

Take the time to set-up a strong useful getting started guide and then the system works for you without ongoing maintenance.

Your content here is going to be important, fill the emails with nothing but corporate hype and you will attract your affiliate to the opt-out link!

Take some time to create a useful course that will allow your affiliates to learn how to implement your links, offer merchandising tips, educate them about your product range and offer general affiliate tips and advice with links to helpful resources.

This idea is so much stronger than the typical one off welcome email yet I'm surprised at how few affiliate programs implement this.