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Activating Non Linking Sites To Your Program

Why do so many affiliates join a program and not set up their links?

I don't claim to know all the answers ;) but here are some thoughts -

  • Once they have joined are your linking instructions clear and concise? Writing clear 'how to' instructions isn't easy. Do your instructions make sense?
  • Are your banners up to scratch, have they been designed to get response or just been designed to emphasise corporate branding? Do you offer a good variety of sizes to suit different sites?
  • Have you provided sample text links or at least given affiliates a clear list of your sites benefits to allow them to create their own?

Many affiliates will put the task of adding your links to one side until they have 'more time'. Regular carefully constructed communications such as your newsletter or a quick start email guide will help to remind your affiliates.

I strongly recommend you set aside a time each month to communicate with your affiliates that haven't yet established their links. Send out a special email, don't just include it in your newsletter.

When sending this 'activation' email please remember there is a real person reading your email, write to them as an individual don't just send out a corporate, hyped email telling them what to do. Offer help and advice as to the best placement of your links; invite them to get in touch if they need help.

Keep it personal don't sign off as 'the affiliate team', finally as a courtesy it's polite to offer an opt-out of further communications.

Here's a great example of what not to do!

Reproduced with permission of Wayne Porter from his excellent Affiliate Help newsletter -

I received the following e-mail in my in-box this week. I have changed the company name to AnnoyingCompany so they don't get any free advertising. The last thing I want to do is reward buffoons for their mistakes. Merchants take heed. This is NOT the way to motivate an affiliate.

Annoying E-mail:

"Wayne, you are one of our most important affiliates... I want you to start pushing AnnoyingCompany as hard as you can! Wayne, up till now... you have definitely not lived up to your full earnings potential! YOU ARE NOT earning enough commission! The AnnoyingCompany affiliate program pays ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per qualified sale!"

What did they do wrong? First telling me how to run my business is annoying. Informing me that I am falling short of my potential is even worse. Lastly, telling me that I am not earning enough from them is obvious. It is very important that affiliate managers learn how to communicate in an effective and positive fashion. To make matters worse I had actually made several sales for this company recently.

My reply to this company:

"MarketingPerson", you are one of my least important merchants... I have no desire to start pushing AnnoyingCompany as hard as I can! Up till now... you have definitely not lived up to your full merchant potential! YOU ARE NOT paying enough commissions! There are other programs with similar pay rates and better conversions."

Obviously this didn't generate the desired results! This email was not necessarily issued to non-linking affiliates but it follows all the traits of an impersonal, poorly thought out communication creating the opposite of its intentions.

Take the time to word your communications carefully and you will resurrect some otherwise dormant affiliates.