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Case Study: Upgrading the Affiliate Announceaffiliate program

Creating a HTML 'Drop Down' Banner

I have already uploaded my basic banners into the new tracking software but I wanted to create a more interactive banner to see if it can generate higher click through rates.

As you can see below this banner is designed to allow users to open up the banner to see a list of all the sites Affiliate Announce submits to -

Are you listed with all the affiliate directories?

It was actually quite easy to create this as an additional linking option for my affiliates.

First I created the banner purely in HTML (no graphics) in its own table to the size I required.

To allow the drop down box to be used I added the FORM POST command -

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://affiliates url inserted here">
Rather than uploading this as a standard banner to My Affiliate Program I used one of the programs advanced functions to set this as a new category. By selecting add new categories I allocated the link with a descriptive name so I can track its results and uploaded it as a text ad.

To enable the Kowabunga's My Affiliate Program software to offer the right affiliate URL you simply insert a simple piece of ASP code into the text file your uploading - this is supplied by the software when your uploading the file.

Now when an affiliate logs in to the programs admin pages and chooses other linking options they can cut'n'paste the required HTML for this banner which automatically includes their affiliate ID.

With a little more time, imagination and programming skills you may be able to create more interactive linking methods that integrate more tightly with your sites features such as searching your inventory or database?

With such a low typical CTR on standard banners such interactive links are worth further investigation. For example I know of one affiliate program (operating via the CJ network) that allows affiliates to incorporate a search box listing the job vacancies their employment site offers. Can you apply any similar ideas to your program?

This case study examines the re-development of the Affiliate Announce program. Illustrating the 'behind the scenes' plans of upgrading a programs affiliate tracking software.

This case study will be updated on a periodic basis as the program develops, for the latest updates make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter.