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Kowabunga's Email Management Features

One of the key reasons I chose the My Affiliate Program package was for it's email features allowing me to easily manage affiliate communications and provide affiliates with a powerful tool to provide a sign-up form on their site for my free report which includes their affiliate ID code.

Their email features have very recently been upgraded to what is now a very powerful package I have quite a few ideas as to how I utilise all the features I'll share here as they develop.

Unfortunately the new features are so new that Kowabunga haven't actually completed all the help files and documentation!

This concerned me a little at first but Nick, who wrote the new features, is on hand offering technical support so lets jump in to see what in can do.

Creating a personalised autoresponder

Since the launch of my site I have offered a free report titled 'Recruiting Affiliates and Increasing Sales'. This report has only been available when a visitor signs up from my site. An autoresponder then delivers a series of personalised emails sent over a two-week period. The report has had many hundreds of signups and received many notes of appreciation and certainly helped to generate many a sale.

Utilising the Opt-In pro system I can now offer a sign-up form that my affiliates can place on their site, the emails will then automatically carry their affiliate ID code, far more effective that just using a banner!

From my admin screen I simply select add categories and after choosing 'guest book' insert a description and text to create the sign-up form that will be seen by my affiliates site visitors. The system automatically creates the HTML code for you, but you can access the code to tweak it a little if you want to change the layout.

As a default the guest book will collect the recipients first and second name, email address and send back as a hidden field the referring affiliate ID. If you wish you can add any number of additional fields to build up a better demographic profile of your subscribers.

This data will be added to your opt-in pro guest book list.

The signup form HTML can now be grabbed by your affiliates when they login to your affiliate program stats page. Here's the form I have created for my free report that affiliates can place on their site -