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Case Study: Upgrading the Affiliate Announceaffiliate program

Preparing the site

Today I need to start preparing the new site ready to integrate Kowabunga's 'My Affiliate Program'.

To enable affiliates to link to different products of their choice I need to place all the different products onto one server.

I make a quick call to my web host, Web2010. I plan to buy a few new domain names for the different products and have them point to different folders on the server allowing me to easily advertise different products under their own name.

At first the sales rep at Web2010 said it couldn't be done as they 'don't allow it' - hosting a few domain names on the same server mean they lose out on additional hosting fees!

After offering to compensate them for the lost revenue the sales rep promised to check with tech support and call me back........(he didn't call back but on chasing them up the account was eventually set-up).

Choosing Domain Names

Next on the list of jobs to do was to select appropriate domain names.

Boy, this is hard these days! I went through so many names that had already been reserved, most annoyingly all the names I wanted had been reserved but no one was using them!

Quick Rant - There are only a finite number of names and whilst I can accept that some people purchase a domain name for a project that is then shelved, I'm sure most of these unused domain names are held by those hoping to make a quick buck by reselling them.

I am not wasting good money paying over the odds on a domain name, when are the registrars going to tighten up their rules over domain name registration and usage. What's wrong with a policy of don't use it and lose it!

A couple hours of going back and forth I settle on the new names -

  • AffiliateToolkit.com
  • AffiliateScouter.com
  • TheAffiliateFactory.com

Hints to the new product range perhaps, more on these later.

New Merchant Account

I have also decided to update my merchant account, for the past year I have operated a bureau account through Netbanx. Paying a very high commission plus having to wait a month in arrears for sales credits.

In applying for merchant status I have opted for a multi-currency account, most of my customers are US based so it makes more sense to bill in US dollars rather than force them to pay in pounds sterling.

The new merchant account application takes 6 weeks! In the meantime I need to chase up my programmer on the first new product and start to plan the new affiliate programs strategy.

This case study examines the re-development of the Affiliate Announce program. Illustrating the 'behind the scenes' plans of upgrading a programs affiliate tracking software.

This case study will be updated on a periodic basis as the program develops, for the latest updates make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter.